video installation, performances
Who is Nyum Supernova? An Bassa deity. Healing being, one of cultural events and the bridge between two worlds, the world of mortals and immortals. As a rainbow, Nyum appears to those who are willing to see her/them and look at her/them.

Through a practice of lucubration in a universe mixing spirituality and Disco-phantasmagoria and an immersive space within a cosmic cube, the story of Nyum Supernova tells a journey of captivity, a cathartic praxis, a vortex and a quest for emancipation through the rebirth of the body and mind.

Nyum Elucubris presents itself as an archipelagic theater, a constellation of songs, dances, rituals, images, sacred objects and divine conversations aiming towards a reflection between beings and a mutilated body finding their own light, their post-humanity and displaying/feeling their freedom as an act of defiance. In this manner, Nyum’s rebirth challenges the notions of karma by creating a virtuous circle, a cosmogony. A Disco madness.

The Nyum Elucubris video is a kaleidoscopic whirlwind where Nyum and the other Supernovas are bathed in the freedom and flamboyance of existing, of being. Little girls finding and celebrating their carefree joy. It is also a profession of faith where Nyum Supernova declares their powers and their light thanks to the "Me Ye Nyum" mantra (I am Nyum in Bassa language).

In 3 performances, the artist explores gesture, stillness and movement as a figurative representation of passage, transmission and transformation in order to tackle the revolution of self: the rebirth.
- ‘The departure: from Bimbia to space’ centers Nyum as she movse from the depth of the ocean to the milcky way using various dances moves (Assiko, Waacking, Bikutsi, Voguing) while navigating into a two dimension world.
- ‘The statement: Nyum’s light (an Assiko-Disco manifesto)’ centers Nyum’s mission and them delivering their manifesto near their House.
- ‘The reenactment: Nyum is present’ offers space to Nyum, to meet other supernovas and interact through stillness and gaze. Also a way to explore their own presence in a particular context in relation to subjectivities at play.


(c) Association Le Tube