Within Ngomboa's insides, we could wander, stretch, regen­erate our­selves. Full of strength, we had the power of her intu­ition.
Enough to pre­pare her for what would happen beyond the seas, over there under the clear sky...

With 𝑺𝒂𝒇𝒐𝒖 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒓 , Anna Tje con­tinues to explore healing music through a performance where Safous/Bitotos (fruits widely cul­ti­vated in Cameroon) claim their nar­ra­tive, their prop­a­ga­tion, their erotic powers, their own repa­ra­tion.
Inspired by her research on so-called "exotic" fruits and on R&B Slow Jams, the artist tells the story of a char­acter named Ngomboa by offering a vocal and poetic composition involving matri­lineal sto­ries and magic realism.
By eating these unmuz­zled fruit-bodies, Anna Tje uses her voice as sound mate­rial to exper­i­ment with notions of Queer Temporalities (E. Freeman) and the Power of the Erotic (A. Lorde), while exploring themes of migra­tion, coming of age, ancestrality and twin­ning.

Performance first presented in Bétonsalon for the Bivouac “Breathing out of school” with the Raw  Academy (Raw Material Company, Senegal).

I am peeling off my own skin
now stripped from these unacceptable desires
I am eating my own immigration
swallowing this trauma and condition
believing the devine flavor of my own fruit
will digest itself and flush guilt from my system
believing that acidic benefits flowing in its flesh
will overpower the bitter taste of my tied up existence
I am peeling off my own skin
I am peeling off my own skin
I am peeling off my own skin
skin of the Safou
crazy I am fou of the safou
like I love you
I am a lover
I am a Safou lover

Safou Lover - First raw experimental version created during the early stages of the pandemic.

(c) Mathilde Assier, Anna Tje

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