video installation
Assiko-Disco is a video installation that tells and show the 3 parts art performances from the archipelago piece Nyum Elucubris.

Assiko-Disco also comes from the performance ‘‘The Statement’’ It is indeed a manifesto about a new definition of Disco, rooted in the depth of a tribal healing dance called Assiko.
They are intertwined and born from each other. It is a statement that revolves around Amour (love), Spirituality, (Political) Solidarity, Imagination, gender Kaleidoscopio and the Olfactive (senses). Thus, it revolves around A.S.S.I.K.O. The video, no only shows excerpts from the performances but become a meta-dance accompanied by Assiko sounds and rhythms.

The video installation is meant to occupy the public space as Assiko is traditionally danced in the outdoors, amongst trees.

(c) Le Pli

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