Douma Femme* Objet is an experimental smartphone-shot documentary that explores hard work at the intersections of gender, class and age, through a cross-talk with a Ditakh, Bouye and Ginger ice cream seller. While wandering in the district of Grand Dakar in Senegal, we meat Thérèse who tells us about her work. Between two sentences, she quotes a famous song by Senegalese acclaimed singer, Coumba Gawlo Seck: 'Douma femme objet' (translated into English as 'I am not a woman object'...)

This short doc was created during a 2 day workshop at the Yennenga Center (founded by filmmaker Alain Gomis) on November 2019 as part of the Raw Academy, session 7 ‘Images for our time’ directed by Eric Baudelaire.  

With Thérèse Lopez
Directed and Edited by Maille Diallo and Anna Tje
With the participation of Tabara Korka Ndiaye

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