Erotic lucubrations and other Disco Myths is a performance of multiples lyrical voices where I proceed in an autoethnographic theorization of my own Supernova story, Nyum Elucubris, going back to the origins of the tale.
Claiming my own subjective voice as a researcher, I use a queer methodology where research-creation forms one philosophical entity.

Mixing various tons, speeches and electronic voices in order to go from theory to poetry and singing, these dialogue becomes a poetic and sonic conversation, and a performative essay reminiscent of the Archipelagic Thinking of Martinican philosopher Edouard Glissant. Questioning memory of the slave trade in Cameroon (Bimbia), as well as Assiko dance in relation to Disco and the French Ballroom scene, this performance submerged in a spiritual realm asks, ‘‘how do we rejoice again?’’

“In many ways, the Disco universe of Nyum Elucubris is a story of multiplicities of black bodies and black thoughts, pushing through the limitations of an anti-erotic society.

According to the House of Supernova, Disco starts with common healing. A healing that, for the moment, seems to never end.’’

(c) Camille Olivieri 

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