Fruits of the future is a cycle of art workshops incorporating ritual, visionary and speculative fiction, shared tasting and performance for collective healing through food.
As part of the decolonial ecology (Malcom Ferdinand), the objective becomes a question of activating the healing process within marginalized communities, in order for them to care, inform or pass through, using technics of layering and cuttings. It is also a question of creating space for these endangered, threatened, fetichized fruit bodies that are also enlisted in the capitalist enterprise, to reclaim their agency. These so-called ‘‘exotic fruits’’ with incredible smells, materials, colors and coveted benefits, thus become cyborgian figures carrying intermingled voices dispersed in public space.

These experimental workshops will help create an archipelagic piece (video, text, performance, sculpture) performed in the public space.

Fruits: safou from Cameroon, avocado from Mexico, banana from Martinique & Guadeloupe, guava from Brasil...

(c) Association Makeda Saba  

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