(my daughter and I/hold on)

Man wem et moi/Letes Nem (my daughter and I/hold on) is a video used in the eponymous performance. Researching the materiality of ancestrality through “signs”, chants and conversations, this video explore the meanings of a prayer to an ancestor through an inverted approach.
Questioning how an intergenerational conversation between a grand-mother, a mother and a daughter can occure, the video act as a lullaby.
A spiritual hymn sang in Bassa langage by the artist mother, mimics her grandmother’s voice in order to pass down strengh and encouragements to the grand-daughter, Nyum.

Be strong and don't doubt,
Nyambe gives you life
Believe in what is written, believe in them
Nyambe fights for you so that you can overcome evil,
get up, your strength is in Nyambe in the sky
Be strong and courageous in the name of our Nyambe
Their strength is your strength
Their love is your love
That’s why we have to resist and move on

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